Semi-Permanent Make-Up


Eyebrows frame your eyes, determine expression and can make you instantly more beautiful when done properly. Semi-permanent eyebrows can help you turn the clock back, especially if you have over plucked them or they have thinned out or have started to droop. We can create a new arch or lift that you once had.

Digital brows can be an ombre or powder effect. A digital machine delivers pixels of pigment which shade the brow until the desired colour is built up. They also create the effect of real brow hairs to give a natural look. 

The procedure

The treatment takes approx. 2-3 hours.

  • Stage 1 – Consultation Covering medical history, contraindications, and what colour and shape you want to achieve
  • Stage 2 – Brow mapping Creating the perfect eyebrow shape
  • Stage 3 – Treatment There will be approx. 4 passes on each brow ensuring pigment is implanted in brows
  • Stage 4 – Top up  The same procedure is repeated 5-8 weeks later to further define or add hair-strokes and to ensure you are completely satisfied with the result. (inc in initial cost).

Cost £300

Further information  

There are specific pre-treatment and aftercare requirements and recommendations.  When you make an appointment we will email you the information leaflets.

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